Pitch Pipecast Episode 11

Season 2 of the Pitch Pipecast has begun with episode 11. Why season 2? Because it’s a convenient way to explain why I took 4 months off from podcasting. “Season 2” sounds better than “he was in a funk because he lost his job and sat around all day trying to figure out what to do.”

But I digress… Episode 11 features Marcus Barnum of The Soul Influence. They hail from Houston and have been together for nine years. We feature their new album, You’ve Gotta Believe. As I was interviewing him, I found out that the album has not even been released as of yet. So this was sort of a pre-release Pipecast. Cool…

You can find Episode 11 at pitchpipepro.com, or as always you can download it directly from this link.

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