Acappella Memories: George Pendergrass at Acafest 2012

George PendergrassGeorge Pendergrass was part of the roundtable discussion at Acafest 2012 this past summer in Nashville, TN. He shared the floor with me, Duane Adams and Robert Guy… Acappella from 1992 to 1995 (I think that’s correct… I lose track).

Anyway, we had been discussing life on the road from the single man’s point of view as Robert shared his memories. We were about to open it up for questions when George spoke up and added something to the discussion. Many people have asked us what life is like on the road with families. George shared the joys and the trials of such a life.

Acappella Memories: Robert Guy at Acafest 2012

Robert C. GuyRobert joined Acappella about 5 years after I jumped into the group. He replaced Wayburn Dean and sang as bass for the combination of himself, me, Duane and George for several years. He brought a new dimension to the group and it was wonderful to have him as part of the gang. You can hear Robert stand out in his first couple of albums with the group, Beyond a Doubt and Hymns for all the World. He went on to sing with various combinations of Acappella over the years and now sings often with ACAPPELLA CLASSIC, the collection of former Acappella members who sing here and there from time to time.

In the following audio clip from Acafest 2012, Robert shares his views of life on the road with families as a single guy. He handled it with style and grace, I can tell you that much. Thanks Robert…

Content Marketing: What is it and Why Use it?

There’s a lot of buzz going around about “content marketing.” Most people are slightly confused about what that really is, much less whether they should use it or not. In this episode of JemullyTV, I shed a little light on the concept of content marketing and what it might be able to do for you and your business.

7 Reasons You Need To Be Involved In Web Marketing

Here is the premiere episode of Jemully TV… sort of our “maiden voyage” without the accompanying sunken ship. Our plans are to produce a new episode every couple of weeks.

Episode 1 focuses on 7 Reasons You Need To Be Involved In Web Marketing. If your business or organization is not actively marketing online, you may be heading for that proverbial sunken ship syndrome yourself. Watch this 8-minute video and see what I’m talking about.

Pitch Pipecast Ep. 17

I added a new episode for the Pitch Pipecast this afternoon. Josh Wheeler of Legacy joins the Pipecast again, this time for a special pre-release sneak preview of their new release, Reliant. Josh introduces and talks about four songs from the album: Give Me Your Eyes, Slow Fade, Lord I’ll Fly and In The Light. Some big changes have happened with Legacy, mainly the fact that they are now a full time ministry. Listen in for a rare chance to hear some of the album before it drops.

You can find it at or download it directly from this link.

Pitch Pipecast: Episode 16 – Terry Cheatham

Just posted a new podcast!


Episode 16 of the Pitch Pipecast welcomes original AVB 1st tenor, Terry Cheatham. Wes McKinzie joins host Gary Moyers as the three discuss the original days of the Acappella Vocal Band.

Terry shares his favorite AVB songs from his tenure with the group. He talks about his first days as an AVB’er and his first 24 hours, which included the recording of one of his trademark songs.

You can catch the podcast from the Pitch Pipecast website, or as always you can access it directly from this link.

Pitch Pipecast Episode 15: Bret Testerman

A new episode of the Pipecast is now available! Bret Testerman joins me and Wes McKinzie for a great discussion leading up to AVB’s reunion concert this coming July.


Bret was the lead singer for AVB during their transition from a back up group for Acappella to a full time independent ministry. He sings lead on some of their most memorable songs, including The Victim.

The Pipecast can be found at Or as always, you can download it directly from this link.

Pitch Pipecast: Episode 14 – Acappella’s Sneak Preview

>I’ve just posted episode 14 of the Pitch Pipecast with Keith Lancaster. It’s a sneak preview of Acappella’s new album, Find Your Way. Keith joins us and gives the “behind the scenes” story of the album. Five songs are highlighted as Keith tells the background and reasoning behind the song… and then you get to hear it!

It’s a chance to hear a part of the album before it releases. It’s a sneak-peak treat you’ll find only on the Pitch Pipecast.

You can hear it at or download it directly from this link.

Pitch Pipecast: Episode 13 – Jay Smith

I’ve just posted the latest edition of my podcast, the Pitch Pipecast. Original AVB member Jay Smith is our guest on this episode of the Pipecast. Jay joined the Acappella Vocal Band at its inception in 1986 and was responsible for the birth of vocal percussion in the group. Though small in stature, he still holds a large place in the history of the group and the memories of his fans and friends.

Wes McKinzie co-hosts this episode with Gary Moyers.

You can get this podcast, as well as the previous 12 episodes, at Or, you can download the file directly from this link.

Pitch Pipecast: Episode 12 – Keith Lancaster

The Pipecast is back!

The Pitch Pipecast returns after a year’s hiatus with Gary Moyers and co-host Wes McKinzie. Special guest for episode 12 is Keith Lancaster.

Keith joins Gary and Wes to discuss Acafest 2009. They cover the history of the seminar turned festival, the future, the plans for this year and specifically the AVB Reunion Concert.

You can access the podcast homepage at

Or, you can download this episode directly from this link: