Worship in the Land of Mids

This past weekend I had a wonderful opportunity, one that I hope to repeat. Kevin Riggs, the Worship Minister at Golf Course Rd Church of Christ in Midland, TX took the weekend off to go to the Zoe Conference in Nastyville. He invited me to fill in for him in his absence. I gladly accepted.

What a great place Golf Course is! My wife grew up in Midland and at GCR and we were aware of some of the old “baggage” from years back. It was good to see that this church has grown from their experiences and come out better for it.

There are still a good number of singers present who came together under Ken Young to form Hallal Ministries. Since Ken’s departure, Kevin has gone about building the worship ministry and adding new singers. I believe I may have worked with 2 or 3 singers from those days, but everyone else was new. My weekend team of 8 did a fabulous job, especially when I tended to “stray” from the melody and fill in holes.

It was a joy to work with talented singers who respond to direction. I anticipated working through the music and making lots of corrections at our Saturday night rehearsal. I bet I only did 1/3 of the work I expected to do.

Kevin allowed me to work up the worship order for the morning. I included a good mix of arrangements by Keith Lancaster, Zoe, Hallal, and a couple of my own. For those interested, here was the order:

Shout Hallelujah (F)
It’s All Right / Just a Little Talk (G/Ab)
At the Name of Jesus (Ab)
We Trust in the Name (Ab)
(Transitional prayer)
I Need Thee Every Hour (A)
Prayer Time
Turn My Heart O God (C)
Think About His Love
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
(1 vs old melody)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (new melody)
Had It Not Been The Lord (G)
This World is Not My Home (G)


  1. >Mo, Is “I Need Thee Every Hour” the same one that was used on the song leader revolution? :)Glad you had a good trip.

  2. >Not sure what you meant there. I assume it was a joke I missed by the little smily face. I used the version straight out of the book, but took a lot of freedom with the timing. You know… holding out the “oh” in “I need Thee OOOOOH I need thee.” Pauses here, speed up slighty there, etc.

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