Walking on Water

Here is today’s entry in my personal journal. I don’t often share this kind of thing, but for some reason this one is supposed to be shared. I have copied and pasted directly from my journal.

John 6: 1-24. Jesus feeds the 5000 and walks on water.

I saw something interesting today in this reading that I’ve not noticed before. It may have not been meant as anything important, but I took it as a small encouragement.

Jesus has just fed 5000 people with almost no food. Everyone is astounded and John says that Jesus went into the mountains to hide because he knew they would try to make him king by force. After a while, the disciples get into a boat and take off to the other side, whereupon they experience a storm. Jesus walks on water to them and immediately the boat reaches the other side. Another miracle.

My question is this: why did the disciples leave in the first place? They’ve just experienced an astounding miracle in the feeding of thousands with nothing. They knew where Jesus went. They surely saw him withdraw into the mountains behind them. Why, then, did they get in a boat and head the opposite direction, across the water, from where Jesus went?

I have no answer. All I know is this: when the disciples, who knew better, went the wrong way, Jesus walked on water to go after them. I can only assume that when I do the same, Jesus will come after me. Thank you Lord.


  1. >Whoa! Good eye.Were they heading for their comfort zone?

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