Wade in the Water

My son, Austin, was baptized this past Sunday. I was fortunate enough to be the one to do it. What a day!

Both Austin and Ashley have been to many churches over the years, hundreds I would say. Every Sunday they would be in a new bible class in a new city. The poor teacher never had any clue who they were. And most teachers saw it as an opportunity to save someone’s soul. My children have prayed Jesus into their heart more times than any of us can remember.

Because of that, I have not pushed them to take that final step of baptism. I knew it would come soon enough. I found out the other day that he really wanted to be baptized in the ocean at Corpus Christi. I guess I missed that one. But one water is as wet as another.

My son’s new spiritual birthday is New Year’s Eve, the same day as my mother’s physical birthday. I am so proud of that boy. I will post a video of the baptism some time this week….


  1. >Such GREAT news!

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