Tulsa Snow & Sound Ministry

I’ve spent the past three days in Tulsa at the Workshop. It’s been six years or so since I’ve had a chance to be here. The event is much smaller than it was even a few years ago. It was still quite effective, I believe, even though it was smaller in size. At least, it was for us. Moyers Sound had a booth at the event and we made some wonderful contacts. My in-laws were also exhibitors at the event. You can see them here at their booth for New Mexico Christian Children’s Home.

We had a significant weather event as well. I’ve been to the Tulsa Workshop at least 15 times before and experienced all kinds of weather. This is the first time I’ve seen it snow like this. We had 7 inches in about as many hours. The picture below was at about the three inch level. Pulling a trailer was a lot of fun in this weather.

I am amazed at the things God can do when you make yourself available. We came to Tulsa to let people know that I was now involved with Moyers Sound and, hopefully, make some inroads into churches needing system upgrades or new installs. Some of that happened, but much more took place in another area entirely.

Wally, my cousin and the “Moyers” behind Moyers Sound, has always had a dream to do more with Moyers Sound than install AVL systems in churches. One of the common questions we hear after a new install is, “What do we do with the old stuff?” Often, the old system will be relegated to a closet or sold on eBay with shipping costing more than the price it was sold for.

Wally and LaTronda formed a non-profit organization called Wings Point. Wings Point has several purposes, one of which provides an solution to the problem of perfectly good sound systems going to waste.

A system that may be 20-30 years old and “outdated” may be perfectly suitable for an inner-city church that has nothing… or a church in a third world country with less than nothing (is that possible?). Over the past few days, God made it possible for us to connect with several ministries located all over the world… South America, East Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Till now, our dream of distributing used systems to needy 3rd world churches has been hampered by two things: 1). a good system to identify deserving churches, and 2). a way to deliver them. God has provided an answer to both this week.

Lord willing, we will be delivering our first two sound systems to churches in Nicaragua this coming June. From there, who knows? At this point, the world is open to us. We just pray that God will bless this effort.

More to come…

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