Beauty of Shallowater

Since we’ve moved here, I’ve had several people ask me why we chose Shallowater. I always reply that we were looking for two things: a small community close to Lubbock and a good school system. Shallowater has definitely provided both for us. As an added bonus, it’s also a pretty little place.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and you may have to be from West Texas to see it). Not many people run around taking pictures of alleys. But you tell me, do you think Shallowater has some natural beauty? What’s our best feature?

Enjoy this gallery of Shallowater, TX. Click on a picture to make it bigger.

Sunset on 8th St.     Alley behind 6th St.     The Park

West of Shallowater     Biggin Hill north of Shallowater     Alley behind 8th St

Facing East on 8th St - Sunrise     Middle School Practice Field     The Corn Maze

Sunset in Shallowater     Jupiter, Venus and the Moon

Acappella Memories: Grounded in Texas

Big RedI have lost count of the people who’ve told me I should write a book about my experiences on the road. I spent a total of 11 years on the road with Acappella. By my best reckoning, I performed somewhere north of 1400 concerts. That’s a lot of stories to tell.

Too bad I can’t remember most of it. And NO, that doesn’t mean I was doing things I shouldn’t have been doing that blotted out my memory. It means I’m getting old too fast. The book may never happen, but I can at least share some memories here in my blog.

Therefore, I will endeavor to share some of these memories, little by little, over the next few months. I’m sure I will get some details wrong, but that’s what the comment section is for. Those of you who know the details better, please correct me.

I-30 Blues

The first memory that comes to mind probably happened in 1990 or so. It was before I married my lovely wife, Sherri. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, we spent a good deal of time in Texas. Interstate 30 runs through DFW and on to the east through the town of Sulphur Springs.

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