Natural Energy When You Need It

I’m a night owl. My mind starts going about 9:00 PM and won’t shut down until midnight or so. In the mornings, I usually arise around 6:30 AM. It’s pretty common for me to get less than 6 hours sleep. For years, coffee has been my best friend. Due to my third round of kidney stones,  I haven’t had more than 1 cup of coffee per week in over 4 months. Carbonated drinks are even more rare… maybe one a month.

I have really been in need of something else to supply energy to get me through the day (short of sleeping more, which I occasionally do). To that end, I have found something that I think works extremely well. I’ve recently become an Independent Business Owner with Genesis Pure, Inc. offering health and nutrition products. They offer an all-natural energy drink that works wonders.

ENERGY comes in packets and you mix it with 8-12 ounces of water. They recommend (and I agree) to drink it before you hop in the shower in the morning. By the time you’re out and dressed, you feel great. It provides sustainable and healthy energy all day long. Unlike other “energy drinks”,  this produces no crash afterward, no jitters, no nervousness, no hyperactivity and no heart palpitations.

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