The Power of Introverts

I’ve been a raging introvert all my life. The common response from most people who hear this is, “No way!”  Well, sorry… very much way.

One of my favorite things to do as I was growing up in Lubbock was to sit in my parents bedroom under the evaporative air conditioner and play with my Johnny West figures. You know… the ones that we’re about 10 inches tall and made of hard plastic? Sort of like the old G.I. Joe but much cooler. Anyway, I would sit there for hours with my 10 or so figures and pen and paper and hold a diving contest. Those things were great for flipping in the air. They’d do all kinds of spins and stunts. It was like Olympic diving. I would give them scores and hold tournaments.

Geronimo seemed to win the most. I guess it was something to do with his weight distribution.

I would do this for hours on end, all by myself (I was an only child). And I was perfectly happy to be all by myself. I suppose that was an indication of my personality and my introversion. My life proceeded in much the same manner.

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