Stay away from GuitarTapp Pro

GuitarTapp PROGuitarTapp Pro nuked me.

It’s not often I write inflammatory posts, but this one deserves it. I’ve even reached out to 8:45 Tools, the creator of GuitarTapp Pro, for help.


Some background… for quite a while I was in possession of a very nice iPad. It belonged to a company I no longer work with, so I lost it when that employment ended. One of my most used apps on the iPad was OnSong (on which I’ve done a previous review that you can see here). OnSong is a great song chart viewer for live situations… sort of like a teleprompter with all the bells and whistles.

When I moved over to the android platform, OnSong was not available. Shame. Anyway, I had to find an alternative. I thought I had found it in GuitarTapp Pro.

For the past year or more, I have used that app heavily… at least once a week, if not more often. I have over 150 songs programmed into it, all of them tweaked to the way I like and prefer. I even have some alternate arrangements to songs that I liked to use.

It was going swimmingly until a couple of weeks ago. Either android did an update or GuitarTapp Pro updated. Either way, my entire song catalog is now gone. Over a year’s worth of work, disappeared. Talk about frustrating…

Consequently, I would encourage you not to use GuitarTapp Pro. It is most definitely NOT a safe platform. I am even considering getting back into an iPad because of this failure.


  1. I just lost all my music on guitar tapp pro. Over 1 year of music. I am sick

  2. Joe N Tucker says

    Good news man… It is not gone at all. All of your song should be in a folder like the one below… the only difference is you have to use the name your of your folder where mine is “Joe”. Just copy and paste this syntax into your File Explorer, change the user name and there you go. Microsoft does not want you to know this apparently,


    Maybe you can help me… I cannot make my dropbox work in GuitarTapp Pro. I click it in the program… it take me to dropbox internet page… it ask for permission to connect to GuitarTapp Pro… then it tells me it has successfully connected… but when I go back into GuitarTapp Pro none of my files have been transferred. ????

  3. Ive lost my music using guitar tapp pro at least 4 different times. But I use the synchronization and use my email address and they gave me a password. Now if I lose it I go to favorites and shutdown sync then tap on it to open sync again and a box comes up which I put my email and password and it re downloads every song that I had saved. With the sync on every so often when you tap on favorite it will say its been so many days since you sync and asks if you want to do so. Say yes and the last bunch of song are saved
    All your songs are saved. If you get another device such as a tablet and also put guitar tapbpro on it. Then you tap on favorites and then tap on sync and put your email with same password and all your songs will download to the tablet.

  4. Ryan Martin says

    Happens to me too. Incredibly frustrating.

    • Well I found the app at first quite useful. But here the issues I struggled with.
      1.It syncs well from database to two Androids of different generation. However it won’t sync to iPhone no matter what I do.
      2. I also have the feeling that there is not much maintenance on that GuitarTapp Pro anymore.Looks like
      the interface to youtube was never repaired. The interface to mp3 lent and downloaded from Prime doesn’t work. Only playing with bought mp3 works or the ones loaded via usb to the device. The chord viewer is missing a lot of chords. Seems to me that they are trying to earn money now with the new GuitarTapp ChordPro which itself is free but you pay i.m.h.o for the file amount you need in the database.
      3. One hint though for Android users. I sometimes make a backup to PC of the whole GuitarTapp Folder and thus can restore it if sync goes crazy.
      4.I also noticed that unfortunately even if the whole database is synced to an empty device once in a while one of the files cannot be read anymore.
      5. The most annoying is that you cannot easily make a copy of a tab file to your mytabs folder. You have to give manually again the interpret and song title. And this is in my opinion the most needed use case. That you copy a downloaded tab to the MyTabs folder.Whoever plays seriously guitar knows that you have to fintune downloaded tabs. Correct chords, shift chord locations. Correct text etc. Of course you can do that to the original file but then there is always the risk that if you download the same file again, there is no warning that you are overwriting an existent file that has been finetuned by you.

  5. Ted Waugh says

    Thanks for the location of the saved tabs. When I used file explorer to find them I had to ‘show hidden files and folders’ from the view menu. When I got to the ‘saved tabs’ folder I right click and added the location to my ‘documents library’. Now I can see what is saved and what is not.


  6. I don’t even know how long I’ve been using the GT Pro app on android. I’ve reset my tablets, bought new ones, used it on my phones, over, and over and over. My “Saved Tabs” file is still in the cloud that I sync with my password. Beyond that, I maintain a copy of the Saved Tabs and my personal tabs on my home computer, and those files are accessible to me anywhere via FTP connection. If theres no wi-fi where I am, I just use my phones hotspot and my tablet is ready to download whatever I’m missing. Has to be close to 2000 files. Multiple bands. Pop, country, funk, blues, everything, all at my finger tips with GuitarTapp.
    Is the interface wonky and cumbersome? Yes, sometime it really bothers me, but every gig I have what I need, in set format, lyrics and chords, transposable.

    Its good, good stuff for working musicians.

    Back up your files 2X,

    Only guitar tapp files will be saved and synched. “My Tabs” only only can get stored to “Dropbox” and dropbox upgraded their servers and won’t recognize my older 4.02 android. While thats rude and thoughtless, I won’t let that stop me from saving or backing up my files. Just need a better plan.

    All the best folks.

  7. rick cawley says

    can;t get fonts any smaller than I think it was after an update from android

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