Pitch Pipecast: Episode 12 – Keith Lancaster

The Pipecast is back!

The Pitch Pipecast returns after a year’s hiatus with Gary Moyers and co-host Wes McKinzie. Special guest for episode 12 is Keith Lancaster.

Keith joins Gary and Wes to discuss Acafest 2009. They cover the history of the seminar turned festival, the future, the plans for this year and specifically the AVB Reunion Concert.

You can access the podcast homepage at www.pitchpipepro.com.

Or, you can download this episode directly from this link:


  1. >Welcome back! See you in July. We’ll try to bring the kids and grandkids, too…..Just for a moment we thought that Frost Brothers meant the Bank. About to hit you up for a loan. (splain to the non-Texans, Gary)

  2. >You won’t be at Acafest? I believe you still owe me an “Easter Song”. Don’t make me come down there.(Hum some Buck Owens while we rethink this…)

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