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This past weekend I had the opportunity to make a few connections. Maybe “re-connections” is a better phrase. My family was able to attend the Moyers family reunion in Shallowater, TX.

It’s been many years since I’ve been able to attend, and I am sad to say that my children don’t know most of the Moyers side of my family. It was a great day and everyone in my family had a wonderful time. Austin almost wrecked a golf cart, so he had a good day. Ashley got to swim and found a friend, so she had a good day. Sherri got to meet lots of relatives and put part of the Moyers puzzle together. And I had the chance to spend some time with one of my cousins, Wally Moyers.

The reunion was held at Wings Point, Wally’s hanger out in Shallowater. About once a month, he hosts a musical ministry event there at Wings Point. Wally comes from a family of musicians, and he married into another musical family, the Maines family. Wally’s son, Jeremy, played with the country group Lonestar for many years. Another son, Swade, runs Studio 84 in Lubbock. And Wally’s dad, Wally, was a well known musician in West Texas for many years. Wally and his two sons, Jeremy and Swade, run Moyers Sound Solutions. If your church is in need of a new sound system or an upgrade, Moyers Sound Solutions can help you out.

Anyway, Wally’s been involved in music for many years, as have I. It’s a shame that we have never had the chance to play together. That was rectified over the weekend. Wally, his wife Latronda and I did four songs together for the reunion folks. He played guitar and I fumbled around on mandolin (I’m glad Wally was patient) and sang. Latronda sang as well… she has a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed it. It’s been way too long in coming. I hope to make a return trip up to Shallowater and help them out with Wings Point Ministries.


  1. >Hey Gary: Good to find your web site. It was so good to see and meet you this weekend at the Moyers Reunion. We were all especially blessed with the songs you and Latronda sang for us. Wally, Brad, and the rest of the gang sure provided us the best of venues. We’re already looking forward to next year, and hope and pray that we’re all able to return in family fellowship. All the best to you and yours. Rusty Moyers

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