Movie Reviews on YouTube

As you can see from the previous post, I have already reviewed The Last Mimzy on this site. I got to thinking about it and decided to check YouTube for movie reviews from a conservative viewpoint. I found very little.

I plan to do video reviews of movies from this point on. Included below for your viewing pleasure is the first movie review by The Conservative Mostly Bald Guy. And yes, it is pretty much a video rehash of my earlier post on The Last Mimzy, but you gotta start somewhere. Enjoy.


  1. >Gary:Welcome to West Texas. We have followed your Acappella/Vocal Union career for years. Didn’t know of your association with GCR until we heard about it at the Vocal Union concert at Fairmont Park. Your fans in Kermit

  2. >Gary:Just wanted to say welcome to West Texas. I am a fan of yours from Kermit, and I learned at the Vocal Union concert in Midland recently that you are now with GCR. Congratulations and welcome!

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