Misc. Ramblings

I have a few thoughts, none of which deserve their own entry. Maybe they will work together. Sort of a hodgepodgeblog.

Yesterday I was digging post holes in my back yard and it was 78 degrees and sunny. Today I wake up and it’s snowing. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 68 degrees. Something is fundamentally wrong about that. Don’t tell Al Gore. He might write another book about it and get more facts wrong.

I was listening to the classic rock channel on Pandora.com this past Saturday. For some reason, they were nailing just about every song. I came up with a list of the best rock singers ever in the history of mankind that no one can argue with.

1. Brad Delp (Boston)
2. Steve Walsh (Kansas)
3. Steve Perry (Journey)
4. Freddie Mercury (Queen)
5. Nancy Wilson (Heart)

Yes, there were other bands that were great, but they didn’t always have the best lead singer, such as Foreigner, Styx, Pink Floyd, etc.

March is colorectal cancer month. In honor of this prestigious event, I present you a song. The Colorectal Surgeon Song.

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