Midland Here We Come

I have not posted in several days because I have been in a home with no Internet connection. Yes, there are still homes like that. I haven’t seen one in a very long while (until this weekend), but they are out there.

My previous posts have been intentionally vague regarding my trips to Midland, TX and the Golf Course Rd Church. The need for that is now gone. I have been offered the Worship Minister position at GCR. As of this writing, I have not officially accepted. This is only due to the fact that we are working out my contract details. I suspect all will be made final very soon.

It is an exciting prospect. I will be responsible over four teams of singers (that’s 32 people). I have not met them all, but if they are anything like that first group I worked with, then it is a very talented group of musicians that God and Kevin Riggs has brought together.

I will post more when I get home, but for now, it looks like the Moyers family is Midland bound.


  1. >Congratulations! Welcome back to Texas!Pat Ramos

  2. >Sounds GREAT! Congratulations. God will provide.


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