Microshaft Hat Pt.2

You may have seen one of my earlier posts entitled “Microshaft Hat.” I’m not supposed to hate anyone, so hat is one letter short. Anyway, I’d sworn to myself that I was not going to buy another Windows machine. I have a Mac Pro at my office and I love it.

And then my son’s computer went on the fritz. Yes, it was running XP, but it was also glitchy when dual booted with Kubuntu. It’s a 7 year old white box so it was time. I wanted to give him my computer and get me a Mac. But the money was just not there yet. I can’t drop a grand or so.

Then I found a good deal ($330) on an Emachine at Best Buy. Running Vista of all things. I had to have something since school starts soon and my son needs a computer for his work. So, he got my 10 month old Dell and I am writing this from a new Vista Emachine.


Now I need to start saving money for a Macbook. Everyone needs a laptop. Right? I need to start working on an angle to justify that one…

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