Kevin Riggs

Today was my first day at GCR. I did not lead worship, not yet. Today was, in the words of Ronnie White, “the passing of the torch.” I had the rare chance to sing tenor on the team. That’s not rare for others, but it’s very rare for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It also let me know I am out of shape vocally. Leading a band has let me get lazy. The a capella world is much more demanding.

I am very impressed by what God has done in Kevin Riggs. Kevin has been the worship leader at Golf Course for the past three years. He took the mantle from Ken Young who led worship and directed Hallal Ministries for many years.

Kevin has done a fabulous job with the GCR worship team. He has transitioned it from the leadership of Ken into something very much his own. Following in Ken’s footsteps would be hard for anyone, and Kevin has done it in a part-time status. My hat is off to him.

What impresses me even more is his humble attitude. That same attitude is reflected in his wife, Iris. Kevin recognized what few are able to do. In his words, the GCR worship ministry is going great but it needed to go to the next level. He felt like he could not do that in a part-time role. And he certainly was not going to give up the construction business that he owns. He came to that painful conclusion about the same time that I first sent out a mass email to my friends telling them I was looking for a job.

The day after I sent out that email, Kevin called me and laid everything on the line. He told me he needed to step down and asked if I was interested in taking his place. The rest is history. Not only did Kevin listen to that still, small voice of God, but he acted submissively… going as far as actively recruiting his replacement. And his attitude and behavior has continued to reflect that submissiveness.

I am honored to share the ministry with Kevin. He is truly a man of God.

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