In the Beginning

For everything there is a beginning. I suppose this one is as good as any.

I find myself at another new beginning as well. A new blog is one thing, but a new job is something else. I’m in that period everyone hates, knowing you need a new employer but not knowing who that might be just yet.

Will I stay right here in Corpus Christi and continue to work for CFF or whatever it becomes? Stay and switch churches? How about a move to Amarillo? Maybe Midland? Pheonix? San Diego? My wife and I pray that God will provide clarity. We know what would be easiest. We know what would be the most fun. What we don’t know is where God wants to use us.

Yes, I’m sure He will use us for His glory wherever we wind up. Personally, I would like to be in the place where He can use us best. I really don’t want to settle for something because it’s all that’s left, or some other rather lame reason.

God, please make it clear.

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