How I Lost 23 lbs and 4 Inches (and Counting) in 45 Days

dietI’ve had a lot of questions from many people regarding my weight loss (and my wife’s as well – she’s down 11 lbs). I thought it would be a lot easier to just blog about it. So here goes.

Before I dig into this, let me state up front that this is not something I am trying to sell, nor do I wish to sign you up for an MLM system. I just figure if this is working for me, maybe it might work for you. And by the way, the plan is FREE.

Who Created It?

My wife found the program online. She’s not even sure how she stumbled across it in the first place. It’s called the 21-Day Diet from BioTrust. BioTrust is a nutrition company and they sell all kinds of supplements for diets and healthy living. Some of these products are suggested in the diet, although we did not purchase anything from them. I’m sure their stuff is good. We just chose not to purchase any.

How Does It Work?

I’m not a nutritionist or a diet guru, but here’s my understanding of how this thing works. Most diets function in such a manner that, after a while, the body begins to figure out what you’re doing and start storing away fat for reserve. The 21-Day Diet intentionally mixes things up from day to day so that your body won’t have the chance to store anything.

In case you haven’t figured it yet, 21 days is 3 weeks. Each week follows the same pattern, but the pattern itself is varied regarding what you’re eating. The diet requires you to eat 6 meals per day. None are big meals, although the way it’s structured, we generally had a pretty big evening meal anyway.

For each week, you have 5 days of meals, 1 day of protein shakes and 1 day of fasting (clear liquids are allowed). The meal days are mixed up so that one day you eat only proteins and fats, while the next you eat only proteins and carbs.

The shakes are sold by BioTrust, but we found a nice (read: cheap) alternative at Walgreens. The fasting day is really not so hard, if you’ve never done it. We would use bullion cubes in hot water at meal times so we felt like we weren’t going bonzo on water and tea.

The meal requirements are pretty structured and it takes some planning and commitment. BioTrust gives you a listing of everything that falls under each heading: protein, fats and carbs. You have a wide choice of foods from which to choose. Basically, we ate what we normally eat, but in specific portions and combinations. Also, all veggies are free. Anytime. We would load up on zucchini, broccoli, green beans, carrots, etc., oftentimes adding soy sauce or teriyaki and throwing it in the wok.

After the 21 days, they have a program called Day 22. It’s basically an ongoing thing that’s very similar to the 21-Day Diet, just a lot more loose. I’ve honestly felt like we weren’t dieting. Most of the time we felt full and really didn’t want to eat. Supposedly, six meals each day keeps your metabolism going and you burn fat faster. Whatever it does, it works, and works well.

You can download the PDF that explains everything from this link. The PDF is free and it lays everything out for you.

Let me know if you try it. I’d love to hear how it works for other folks. We’re still going on Day 22. I started at 275 lbs. I’m down to 252 as of today (Aug 25, 2013) and my first goal is 240 lbs. by mid-November. After that, we’ll see what happens.

Good luck!


As of Christmas Day 2013, I am down to 230 lbs. That’s 45 pounds lost and I’ve never really felt like I was dieting. I am looking for ways to add exercise to the mix. After 4 knee surgeries, my options are somewhat limited, although I feel like a new man and walking across the room is no longer painful. I’m seriously considering a stationary bike.

Also, since this was first posted, BioTrust has started charging for their diet info. The link above has been changed and you must register and pay a small fee (less than $10, I believe). They make it kind of hard to figure it out. Let me know if you need help. Good luck!


  1. Ronda Hewgley says

    Hey, congrats to both of you!

  2. Thanks for the info. I will take a look at it and see if I can make it work for me too.. I’ve lost a little with weight watchers already…but have a long way to go.


  3. Hi…I am glad you both are progressing and getting healthy… and thanks for putting it in you blog; we will give it a try. Best of luck.

  4. Hi Gary Mo!
    Long time no see:). Noel and I were inspired and I’m happy to say we are finishing up week 3. I hope to share our great results with you soon. But so far, many, MANY pounds and inches have been lost. Needless to say, we were very grateful for your blog post because we have very much enjoyed this diet!!

    We’re actually going to repeat it again and then try Day 22. Thanks again for the great information!

    • Hey Celeste… great to hear from you again. And I’m so happy this has worked for you. It’s amazing how well it works. Sherri and I have slowly realized this is a life-modification thing. We’re on day 125ish. I am down 30 lbs and wearing a pant size 6″ smaller. Sherri has not lost as much (she didn’t have that much to lose) but her inches are dropping more than her weight. She looks great. My first goal is 35 lbs. We’ll see what happens after that. I anticipate being there by the end of October. Be sure and let us know the results at the end of your first 21 days. Tell the fam hey.

  5. Hello Gary,
    I am impressed with your progress. I am interested in learning more about this, but for some reason I have not been able to find the .pdf you referenced. I click the link and get taken to a site that makes me register. I have done that, but then as I searched for the 21 day diet, it is not found. Do you know of another way to find this .pdf? Thanks for any help! God bless!

    • I see they have added a registration thing since I used it. I guess they wised up. 🙂 If they don’t charge too much, i would say it’s worth it to pay a little for it. If you’ve seen the other comments, you’ll know I’m down 30 lbs and have other friends who are having similar results.

      If they ask an exorbitant fee for the info, contact me directly.

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