Help! I need this bike!

I need the help of all my friends online. I am looking for a special bike. This is a picture of Shay, from this season’s Biggest Loser. She was eliminated in week 9 and this is a screen grab from her “where are they now?” video online. You can see the actual clip at this link. The bike scene happens a little over a minute into the video.

It’s a trike, with a wheel in the back. There is no seat, you stand on the machine. In motion, it acts like a stepper. The handles move back and forth as you move, like a stepper as well. The bike/trike/stepper is apparently steered by leaning, like a Segway.

I’ve looked online and can’t seem to find the thing. This would be perfect for me, if I can figure out what it is. Anyone have a clue?

Maybe Sean can help me out. Sean, did you use any of these on the Ranch or when you got home. What is it?

UPDATE: Thanks for the help folks. These are called Streetstriders and can be found at They are apparently pretty popular and low in stock. And they cost $1,999. Ouchy.

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