Google Chrome Fail – Pt.2

Google and Chrome Fail again

Ok Google, you’re killing me here. I am trying to get everything I do online to be Google-oriented so that syncing things up will be a breeze. I am sticking with you because I had being doing this long before I bought into Apple products – which would offer the same services for me. Alas, I am heavily invested into all things Google, so I stay with you for now (which incidentally is why I bought a new iPhone… I was too deep into apps to choose otherwise).

But why, oh why, do I continue to have troubles using Chrome (your product) and Gmail (your product) together? About a third of the time it hangs up. Sometimes it just sits there with a blank page looking at me (see earlier post). And today, you tell me you don’t trust yourself? So what am I supposed to take away from that?

Do I go back to Firefox? Would you rather I go where I haven’t gone yet and dive into Safari? After all, this IS a Mac. Or maybe I’ll go back to an old favorite and start using Camino again.

It’s definitely getting to the point that Chrome is not worth the effort. Anyone else having these problems?


  1. You might try using different DNS servers on your router. Some years back I found and since then have used their DNS servers exclusively. What I’m saying is the slow down in Chrome might not actually be Chrome directly, but rather an issue with your ISP’s DNS servers.

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