Garden Beds

I have finally finished my third round of garden beds. They have gotten progressively smaller.

My first set was in Paris, TN. We had 2 acres of land and an old horse corral sat up on the hill by the barn. I built six raised beds, two big trellises and a strawberry pyramid. We had quite the garden. I miss that place.

Then we moved to Corpus Christi. We had 1/3 an acre backyard, still pretty big. So I built a garden with five raised beds and had it enclosed in a chicken wire fence. We moved a year later.

Now that we are in Midland, it was time for round three. The trouble is, our backyard would fit inside that corral I had in Tennessee. Plus our dogs just love digging. Nothing pleases them more, other than a good smelly trashcan. So I had to work creatively.

There was a small area on the side of our backyard that would barely allow for three 4×8 beds. Plus, I needed to fence it off because of the dogs. So you see my solution. I think it turned out pretty well. Now it’s Sherri’s baby.

I hope this doesn’t mean were moving again. Although, I’m getting pretty good at it by now. Building, not moving.

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