Fantasy Football

I have never ventured into the world of fantasy sports. This year, my brother-in-law, Kendall, talked me into joining a family and friends football league. Sherri and I are co-coaching the team. It gives us something to do together, and she’s pretty good. The family that plays fantasy together, stays together… or something like that.

Most of our players did moderately well, as we’d planned. One problem we did not expect, Peyton Manning had an off night. We don’t have Manning on our team, but we do have Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark. Their numbers were down because Peyton was a little off. And then Dallas Clark went out injured.

The other BIG problem was that our starting QB, Tom Brady, got injured in the 1st quarter. Fantasy coaches all over America are holding their breath at this point. Brady is a big point player.

I think I’m getting too deep into this too quickly.

And I just saw a commercial where Peyton Manning dogged soccer. What is this world coming to?

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