Easter at the Snowpark

For several years now Golf Course Rd Church has held Easter at the Ballpark. It’s a big city-wide Easter Service held at Citibank Ballpark where the Midlands Rockhounds play (AA Oakland A’s team). We average about 4000 each year. So tomorrow is Easter. We’ve been praying for sunny skies and 70 degrees.

Here’s a picture of what we got. It was coming down in potato chip size flakes when I took this picture. Needless to say, we will not be at the Ballpark tomorrow. If it keeps this up, we may not have many at all at church.

We’ve been in Midland five months now and it’s snowed 3 or 4 times. Two of them were pretty good with nice ground cover. This is like being back in Tennessee, minus the trees, rolling hills and humidity. I saw this in Corpus only once while I was there, and that was a rare event for the city. This is kinda fun…


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