Baptisms… Baptizms… Baptismz.. Gettin’ Dunked

I had the chance to witness a really cool baptism service today. Short of my own kids, this was about the neatest I’ve seen.

We visited Mid Cities Community Church this morning. Sherri was hit with another bad migraine and couldn’t go. I hate that. She would have really appreciated this.

Mid Cities is one of those big Baptist churches that built a new building out in the country and changed it’s name, much the same as is happening all over the country. They’re doing it mostly right. But this is not an entry about the church. This is about the baptisms.

They have baptism classes every couple of months that culminate in “Baptism Sunday.” I did not attend 1st service, but they said 7 children were baptized. During 2nd service, which I attended, they had 15 adults (I think, I lost count).

The first 5 went as one would expect. It was no different than other baptisms I’ve seen, though that did not make them any less moving. Then it really got fun. They introduced a father and son. The son was a young college kid, probably 19 or 20. The father looked my age (which is looking younger all the time). Anyway, the son came down to baptize the father, which I did not expect. He was very nervous, but the bear hug of affection after he came up was a sight to see. Father and son.

Next, a husband and wife were introduced. The husband came down first and was baptized. Then his wife joined him and the husband baptized her! He had to be coached on what to say, but the deed was done. And then they both stood in the water, embracing each other and crying.

Several more married couples were baptized as well. It left me a little breathless when it was all done.

Coming from a background where you were dunked as soon as you make the decision, I seldom ever got a chance to see more than one at a time. To see so many in succession today was truly a blessing.

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