Back to School

Yes Virginia, he does have ears.

School started yesterday and this past Saturday I finally got Austin into a barber’s chair. Or at least into a chair at SuperCuts. I don’t know if there’s a good old barber shop in Midland anywhere. Surely there is. I’d love Austin to experience the old barber shop atmosphere instead of a shop full of tattooed and pierced ladies talking about which bar they’re going to as soon as they can lock the doors to keep people out of the shop.

I think hair style salons are a good microcosm of our society. Give me a good old barber shop any day. Wanna fix America? Two things. Jesus and barber shops.

Austin started Jr. High and Ashley started High School this week. Where did my little kids go? I found some pictures the other day of my kids when they were little. I’ll post some of those soon. What a change.

Austin also started tennis at school and a new soccer season. Somehow, he got changed over to a new team, one he played against last year. He is now a Rhino instead of an Icebreaker. Personally, I think it’s a good change. He fits better. The coach has two teams, a U-13 and a U-15. They practice together, which is good for the U-13. Austin gets to scrimmage against older, better players twice a week. And somehow, I ended up as assistant coach. Here we go again…


  1. >did you happen to make a toupe for you from remnants of austin’s hair? 🙂 (i do love you mo)

  2. >Try the Town and Country Barber Shop on Midkiff. (Near Furr’s) It’s not quite the same since Bo died in a motorcycle accident, but it’ll give you the older feel.

  3. >Jacob is going for a “fro” right now, he started attending private school this year and is playing on 2 soccer teams. Can’t we move back to Paris to when they were little? Bekah is a junior.

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