Weird Summer

I haven’t posted much, as this has been a strange summer. We’ve found ourselves meeting ourselves coming and going. Is that possible? Probably not. I need to ask Michael J. Fox.

The last real post on this blog was a panorama shot of Pine Springs Youth Camp. That was on the morning of Thursday, June 10th. Three hours later, my wife had a little accident. Pine Springs has a big deck around the “bus stop” where people congregate. It’s sort of a flow area from the guys side to the girls side. The laundry room is at the back of that area.

The deck is constructed with 2×6 boards. In one area, near the back of the deck, 24 inches of 2×6 was missing. My wife stepped right into it. I was in the cabin working on the evening’s worship order, so I did not see this happen. After she injured herself, she got up and carried the clean laundry back up to the main hall, which is up a long stairway. How she did it, I do not know.

After we got home and had a chance to see doctors and such, we found that she had 2 fractured bones and a torn MCL. The doc did not want to do surgery on the MCL, so her best course of action was to sit and do nothing for 6 weeks and let the bones knit. Then she got to start rehab. We spent the next 6 weeks in a wheelchair (in public) and with a cane (at home). She could not drive, so I got to drive Miss Daisy around.

About three weeks later on a Sunday afternoon, my daughter Ashley was at the High School for the Shallowater Community Theater rehearsal. She decided she wanted to roost on the handicap rail around the ramp. Jumping up, she overshot the rail and went off the back side. She reached behind her to pad her fall, which allowed her entire weight plus momentum to come straight down on her right arm. Snap goes the humerus (sung to the tune of that weasel song). After eight hours in the emergency room, our house now has two sets of broken bones. At this point, my son and I are walking around on tiptoe, watching our back.

Then it’s August and our life is consumed with back to school schedules, band rehearsals, therapy for Sherri and my driving availability. So, it’s been a weird summer.

Now that we’re into October, things have straightened out a little. Ashley is healed and back to her regular schedule. Sherri is much better, though still walking with a pretty good limp… especially when she’s tired. But she has come a long way. Austin is playing tennis and drums for the First Baptist youth praise band. Things are good for now.

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little more. We shall see. Thanks for reading…

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