Wayburn Dean

I ran across an old friend today. Wayburn Dean and his wife Janae are here in Midland for a concert at Tru-Lite Fellowship. Unfortunately, I cannot make it for the event since tonight is my daughter’s eighth grade graduate banquet. So I ran by the church just after sound check and had a great time talking to them.

For those of you blissfully unaware, Wayburn and I sang together for several years in the group Acappella, along with George Pendergrass and Duane Adams. It was very good to see him again. We had the opportunity to laugh (which I’ve been short on lately) and just be stupid again.

Wayburn’s new album is doing well. He currently has a song at #3 on the charts and I expect there to be more to come. He has a song co-written by another friend, Albert Hall, that should be another chart-topper. Of course, being up on the charts is not the ultimate goal and Wayburn would be quick to tell you that. But it’s neat to see that God is still blessing Wayburn’s work.

Even is he is an old man now. 🙂

Follow this link to learn more about Wayburn’s ministry.


  1. >so great to see you both. drop me a line. Wendywendyhoward@earthlink.net

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