The Place of Houses

Things are coming together, finally. The biggest obstacle we’ve been facing over the past few days is our home. Packing and cleaning. And a realtor.

The realtor part is going well. God led us to Jean Marie Giegerich of The Place of Houses. After some not so good experiences with Realtors, it is nice to have one who is very good. Jean Marie has been doing this for almost 20 years and is one of the top 5 in Corpus. I feel that we are in good hands. She’s better than Allstate.

We’re finally seeing some headway on our packing as well. It seems like we have been packing for weeks and nothing seems to change except the stack of filled boxes in our garage. The house still looks the same. But after careful inspection today, we realized that a large part of what’s still in the house is either stuff we will need till the last day, or stuff we are getting rid of in our “moving sale.” Sherri feels a lot better about it, which means I feel a lot better about it. You know how that goes.

As far as Midland is concerned, everything is coming along nicely. Our house is in the last stages.We close on the 21st, and we are just waiting on a time. We’ve even got the cable/phone/Internet company scheduled to come in that afternoon, so the mortgage company better make sure they have their act together. We even know our phone number already.

If you read this, please pause a moment and say a little prayer for safe journeys, peace in the transition, and strength to see this out. God bless… ~Gary


  1. >….and, as always, a prayer for EXTRAVAGANT blessings!Lana

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