Still Going…

Many people have been asking about my job search and how things are going. I have intentionally not commented much about it in this blog. I figure that the ins and outs of a job search are not the best thing to discuss in a public forum. I figure a potential employer probably doesn’t need to know about how many people have turned you down, or how many other jobs you are considering. I know if I were considering hiring someone, I would certainly do some searching online to learn more about them.

So, I will say that there are some possibilities coming up that, if the Lord wills, could be a good fit. I’ll let you know when something comes up.

I am returning to worship leading this week. I get to lead at New Life Church in Odessa for their Tuesday night Thanksgiving service. And I get to play again. Pull out the old guitar and dust it off. I am really looking forward to playing and worshiping again. Honestly, I have not been excited about a worship service for months. I hope you can understand why. If not, well… that’s another blog entry. Probably another book.

More later. God bless.


  1. >Gary,Hope all is well for you and your family this Christmas Season. Come visit us at First Baptist. WE LOVE IT!

  2. >Thanks for the invite. We don’t often get away from GCR since Sherri is a teacher. You never know. We might show up and surprise you. 🙂

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