Song of the Month

I’ve been wrestling with how to introduce new songs to our church. I saw a thread on Keith’s blog a while back about just this thing. Unfortunately, most of the solutions presented on there didn’t quite work for us.

I’d prefer not to introduce a new song in the Sunday morning service (except for the times when I do it not knowing it’s new to everyone… oops). So we are going to do the “New Song of the Month” approach. We meet on Wednesday nights for our PowerPoint service (it has nothing to do with the software). Once a month I will introduce a new song to the church. In order to keep it in their memory, it will be made available on our website immediately afterward. We plan to offer the written arrangement as well as a short recorded version of the arrangement.

I have no idea how many will take advantage of this. We’re going to give it the old college try anyway. At the very least, it will drive a few more folks to our website. I’m sure it will be an educational process to get people to realize that they can download songs from our site for free.

I’ve considered this approach before, but it was always along the mindset of doing an entire album and making it available to church. This way, we are building the plane as we fly it. And if we want to do an album, we can go back and revisit the songs pretty easily and flesh it out so that it fits the “album sound.”

We’ll see. Look for the “New Song of the Month” section on the GCR website here in the next few days.

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