Roses and Recordings

>Not much in general to say lately. We’ve got our house on the market and we’re waiting. One week and no calls.

In the meantime, we’ve had some nice rains and Sherri’s roses have come out nicely. Not that she planted them or anything. They were here when we moved in. She rescued them because they were in pretty bad shape. The rains have helped. Midland water on roses does not do well. Too many minerals. So the better the rain, the better the roses.

I’m heading to Lubbock for the next four days. I’ve been producing the new release for Taylor Productions. RJ (Sonny) Taylor released a hymnal over 10 years ago. Every year he releases a supplement accompanied by a CD for education and edification. The first 5 were done by Darrell Bledsoe when he was in Houston. The next 5 were done with Ryan Christian at Richland Hills. I get to do #11.

It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve recruited 3 other singers to help me do it right. Lauren Mooney and Jill Riggan are both members of Best Friends from LCU. They sing like angels. For bass, well, there was never really a question. Gary Evans is amazing.

So, my first project with Studio 84 is taking me back to old school. A cappella again.

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