Real Estate

Lots of stuff is going on in our world of real estate. It’s been less than a week since we’ve accepted the job in Midland. In that short time we’ve made an offer on a house (which was accepted) and taken the first steps to putting ours on the market.

The Midland home has a few problems, as all homes do. The inspector did his thing yesterday and came up with three pages of problems, some small, some not so small. Now we begin the process of working through those problems.

This afternoon we made contact with the realtor we wanted and she is excited about working with us. She is one of the better Realtors in Corpus Christi and I expect God to use her as He has everything else in this change. In her initial look at our place, she was pricing it in a ballpark that floored us. I guess housing has gone up in the last 3 years. We apparently made a good investment. We shall see if we actually get what we asking for.

It’s Saturday night, and we are trying to decide which church to attend tomorrow. We thought about going to Christ Point, but I’m afraid we’d be going for the wrong reasons. If we went there, we’d be doing our best to put on a “I’m not hurt at all” face, which would not be the truth. The minister at GCR told us, whether we realized it or not, we were coming to them wounded. The more we reflect on that, the more truth we see in it.

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