Project #2 and WFX

One good use of blogs, I suppose, is to let people know when you’ve finished a project. Or maybe it’s just a way to celebrate finishing one even if no one else cares. Either way, project #2 is done.

Or at least as done as a website ever gets. They are continually under construction. But this one’s pretty done. Medium well, at least. The new Moyers Sound Solutions site is the subject of my salient soliloquy. You can see it here in all it’s glory.

For anyone else traveling next week, I will be at WFX, the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo, in Houston. Moyers Sound has a booth there and I’ll be hanging out talking with church tech people. If you’re in Houston and would like to attend the Expo free of charge, let me know and I can send you a link that will get you through the gates.

I guess I took a step this past weekend. Burke Brack was leading worship at GCR and they were short on tenors. He asked if I’d sing with the team. I haven’t been on that stage in, well let’s see… almost 15 months. I did not want to go up there because I knew my heart would not be right. I still had some troubles, but overall it went well.

Afterwards, Marc Kondrup (my former assistant and now he pretty much runs the show) asked me if I was interested in regular rotation on one of the teams. My reply? “One step at a time, dear Savior.”

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