Elements of Worship Technology: With a Focus on Vocal-Oriented Churches




This 30-page document was originally produced for the worship technology class at Keith Lancaster’s Worship Leader Institute. It was written as a “take-away” for a class that covers days worth of info in 60 minutes. This is a good primer for someone who needs an overview of worship technology. Topics covered:

  • Definition of Worship Technology
  • Philosophy of Worship Technology
  • Wired vs wireless microphones
  • Condenser vs dynamic microphones
  • Wireless microphone systems
  • Wireless microphone headsets
  • Mixers: analog vs digital
  • Main speakers
  • Monitors: passive vs powered
  • Choosing a projector
  • Figuring projector lumen strength
  • Figuring projector throw ratio
  • Projectors: DLP vs LCD
  • Presentation Software
  • Church media
  • Worship planning software
  • Lighting
  • Cameras and capturing video

Most of the sections listed above include my personal recommendations for dependable brands and models. This document will be updated on an annual basis. Current version is 1A dated July 2013.