Pimp my Mac #2

MacHeist is a pretty cool annual offering. Never heard of it? This is year three for the event. It’s gotten progressively bigger every year.

The MacHeist people conduct an online spy game, leaving clues on servers all over the world. It’s very detailed, so much so that I’ve never really gotten involved in the game itself.

The cool thing is, they bundle together a ton of software as the reward for being involved. I signed in this year as a player and basically observed the contest. Doing so allowed me access to free software as the game progressed.

At the end, they offer a great bundle of software to anyone who wants it, player or not, for a ridiculously low price. A large percentage of the money goes to charity. It a great way for software developers to get their product into your hands.

This year, the total retail value of the bundle is $950.70 and they are selling it for only $39. Ridiculous. And it’s good stuff too. I highly recommend it. There are a couple of programs in the bundle that are easily worth $39 alone.

Here is a link to the bundle. Check it out. And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.


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