New Horizons

It appears God has provided a new job for me, one that draws on my years of experience in the music industry. As you may have read below, I left my position with Mission Health Care about a month ago due to some seriously unethical behavior within the board of directors. About the time all of this came to a head, I was reintroduced to the Moyers family through a reunion.

Long story short: I am stepping into a position with Moyers Sound Solutions and Studio84. Moyers Sound is owned by two of my cousins, Wally Moyers and his son Jeremy. Wally has been running Moyers Sound Solutions in Lubbock for 20 years, installing sound, video and lighting systems in churches, concert halls, businesses and stadiums all over Texas. Jeremy opened up an Atlanta office in 2006 and has been focusing on taking his division nationally. I will be working out of the Atlanta office.

Studio84 is a professional recording studio and video production company. With studios in both Lubbock and Atlanta, they offer top-level audio recording and HD video services such as commercials, promotional video, aerial photography and video, and much more. I will also add website development to their list of offerings.

It seems that this is right up my alley. I will post more information soon. In the meantime, if your church or business is in need of audio/visual support or consultation, give us a call. I’m sure we can help you.


  1. >Attaboy!

  2. >Great news Gary! (but I saw it coming!)I have a good prospect cooking of going to work for Bank of America. Final interview later this week.

  3. >What an awesome job. I hope your family is excited for you. Good luck in GA.

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