My Favorite Superbowl XLVI Commercials

It’s Monday morning after Superbowl 46. I agree with those who are calling for a national holiday on the Monday after the game. Everyone’s dead anyway.

You’ve probably seen most of these commercials already, but  thought I would post my top 5 anyway. Well, I guess my top 4. It appears that the NFL has filed an injunction against Chrysler to pull the Clint Eastwood commercial from showing on YouTube due to copyright infringement. It seems they think they own the phrase “halftime.” Good grief.

So, with a bow to Chrysler and Clint Eastwood’s Halftime in America as my #1 favorite commercial, here are the next four (I will post the Eastwood ad, but it may not show). The list of my biggest losers are at the end, where they should be.

Chrysler – It’s Halftime in America

As I said above, this is a very well done commercial. It especially resonated for me during my current unemployed state.

Chevy Silverado 2012: End of the World

This was great. I need to watch this one several times. It appeared there were several reasons for the end of the world, including a giant Mayan robot head. Did you catch that one?

M&M’S Just My Shell

Our house had about 15 people gathered to watch the game. This one had us laughing so loud and long we missed the next commercial entirely. Hilarious.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Think Fast

Another good laugh. This was a well written commercial, even though very little was said.

Doritos: Man’s Best Friend

I love the scene where he turns around and the dog is in his face. I heard on ABC this morning that this commercial cost a whopping $20 to produce. Nice.

Notable mention goes to Bridgestone’s Performance Football, Coke’s finger crossing superstitious polar bear, E-Trade’s speed dating baby, Honda CR-V and Matthew’s day off (the full version is better), the Bud Light Rescue Dog, and the strange 2nd alien head on’s Confident You.

Big Losers:

Budweiser: Return of the King – So was the message that the entire country celebrated the end of prohibition, or that after years of no drinking even Budweiser tastes good?

David Beckham Bodywear – I’m a guy. I don’t want to see Beckham’s tattooed body.

Teleflora with Adriana Lima – Another stupid message. Give flowers and get sex in return? Stoopid.

Anything GoDaddy – Enough is enough. I switched to long ago because of commercials like this. And they keep pumping them out. Get a clue.



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