It seems the rumor mill is still alive and well. We’ve not tried to keep this a secret. At the same time, we’ve not gone out and shouted it from the mountaintop either. That being said, yes, we are seriously considering a move to Lubbock this summer.

I’ve had several people come up and ask me about it. I suppose it’s time to talk more about it. My job with Moyers Sound and Studio 84 is increasing in scope. Studio 84 is in need of someone to manage it. Things are about to take off there, with many plans on the drawing board. Instead of trying to find someone to oversee it all, Wally asked me if I would consider moving to Lubbock and doing it myself.

So, here we go again. This time, it’s a good move. We have not sold our house as of yet. That’s a big thing. We feel sure that God has something up his proverbial sleeve. I’ve begun to put together a website to help it sell. If you are interested, you can find it at, which is the actual address of our house.

Sherri is applying at several school districts in the area, Lubbock, Frenship & Shallowater. We’ve made an offer on a house in Shallowater, so it would be very nice to get a job there. We’ll see.

If anyone has any suggestions or networking possibilities, please let me know. God seems to be on a roll with this one, and he may want to use you. 🙂

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