Anyone who knows me would probably assume I’m talking about Major League Soccer. Not this time. Since we are moving over the next couple of weeks, we have contracted a Realtor to deal with our house here in Midland. Therefore, MLS refers to the Multiple Listing System. At least I think that’s what it stands for.

Anyway, our house can now be seen on at this link. Or you can just search our MLS number, which is 78589.

On another front, I enjoyed watching Gizmodo’s live coverage of the WWDC keynote where they announced the new iPhone. I’ve waited 2 years for this one. My contract finally expired about 5 months ago, allowing me to upgrade around Christmas. I got phones for the family, but held off for mine. I suspected that there would be a new iPhone coming down the pike. I’m glad I waited. 3Gs 16G for me in late June! Whoohoo!

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