Another God thing might be happening.

Midland ISD posts new job openings on their website every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Sherri has been watching this site since we first began to look seriously at GCR.

Last night (Tuesday) Sherri found an opening at Rusk Elementary for a position in “Life Skills” for K-1st. We believe this to be the same type job that Sherri is now in, though it is called Adaptive Education here in Corpus. This is what Sherri loves and she is very good at it.

One of Sherri’s old friends works as a teacher at Rusk. They have spoken and Sherri is trying to contact the Principal there.

On top of all this, it is about 3 minutes from our house. These kind of things just keep happening. I don’t know if Sherri will get this job, but the way things have been going, it sure seems likely. Praise God.

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