Miscellaneous Ramblings & Tony Brown

Today is Friday and I am at work. I am the Friday MOD (Minister on Duty) for this week. That means I had yesterday off. I spent the day setting up our new above-ground Intex swimming pool. I am amazed at the quality of these pools. We had an in-ground pool back in Corpus and the kids took serious advantage of it. But here in Midland we have nada.

Anyway, this is a 12×24 above ground with ladder, pump and all the accoutrement. My kids were so excited about it that they were in the pool when it had about an inch of water in it. They spent the next 5 hours in the pool as it filled (it took 10 hours, but they were worn out). And today my son proudly wears the trophy his marathon swim earned… he is red as a brick and can hardly move. That’s two weeks in a row he’s had a bad burn. Last week he got lobsterfied in the mountains. I think he’s learned a painful lesson.

I just received an advance pre-release copy of Vocal Union’s new album Just Like the Old Days. This is good stuff. I will be doing a Pipecast very soon featuring the music from the album with Gary Miller adding color commentary. I’ll save my comments for then.

I’ve heard from Tony Brown of AVB and Watershed fame. He is currently searching for a position as a worship minister. I know the feeling of needing a job and not knowing where to look. If anyone reading this blog can point Tony toward a ministry position, please drop him a line at “tonybrown3 at mac dot com” (I printed out the email instead of writing it in normal form so spambots won’t pick it up, hopefully).

Speaking of Worship Ministers, I’ve read on Keith Lancaster’s blog that he and his son Anthony are now co-leaders at Farragut Church of Christ in Knoxville, TN. I think that’s fabulous. I only hope that I can someday give my son on-the-job ministry training like that.

Enough for today. Have a good one…

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