Los Mejores de la Final Four

I know mostly nothing about basketball. For me, soccer is life. But the office staff at GCR did the March Madness bracket competition thing, and so I joined in. The winner at the end would get his or her meal paid for at a restaurant of their choosing.

Again, knowing nothing about basketball, I opted for a little help. I went to ESPN.com and did a little research. They had 10 different journalist give their predictions for the brackets. I spent 30 minutes and averaged out their results. What came out were my picks for the entire bracket of 64.

And today I got to pick the meal because I won, thank you very much. We went to Abuelo’s where I ordered Los Mejores de la Casa… bacon wrapped fillet mignon and honkin’ big shrimp stuffed with cheese and jalapeƱos and wrapped in bacon. I also had Raspberry tea and chili con queso for everyone at the table. $27 worth of winnings. Thank you Florida State!


  1. >Please tell me that was an intentional mistake on the school name. If so, I’m laughing, if not, I’m crying.I picked the champion right this year, which hasn’t happened in a long time for me, but that was about all I got right. Maybe I should pick winners in the British Premier League. I’ve got just as good a chance as you did, right?Later,Eric

  2. >Mistake?

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