Logos (art or Word?)

Sorry… art.

One of my duties in this post-worship leader world is graphic arts. The new church, Christ Point Church, needed a new logo so they can get going on signs, brochures, and stuff. Several people, including me, submitted ideas. The staff got together and did the brainstorm thing and asked me to merge two of the ideas with a few corrections.

So here is the first draft with an actual plan behind it.

The idea is to use multi-color, but nothing that will slap you in the face. It needs to present a modern feel (ala “ChristPoint”) and still retain the traditional touch (ala “Church”). They wanted an arrow pointing upward since the tag line (I think) is “Christ is the Point.” So the arrow points up, but first it creates a foundation for the whole graphic. And the word “Christ” sits on the foundation. Imagery, imagery, imagery.

By the way, it is very hard to type “imagery” three times in a row and not make a mistake.


  1. >Since Christ is THE foundation what about putting the dark horizontal line across the top of “hrist” and have the arrow point up the tall part of the “h”. I know that doesn’t flow with the way it blends into church but it does make Christ the foundation. Just a thought. LM

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