Kevin Schaffer

It’s Christmas day and I haven’t put anything into this blog in almost a week. I figure I better do something before I get out of the habit.

At this point in time, I am cooking giblet gravy for leftovers. We had a fine meal this morning, but didn’t get around to the gravy thing until it was too late. So I am making the gravy for leftovers. Nummy….

Kevin and Michelle Schaffer came over yesterday after church. They are visiting the area (his parents live in Crane) and we had lunch and a good time rehashing old memories. I can’t believe how big his kids are, but then he said the same about ours. Kevin lives in Clovis, NM and teaches in one of the local school systems. He’s an elementary music teacher and is very good at what he does.

Music is still his passion. He is the volunteer worship leader at their church (which has doubled in size in the past year) and he is just beginning to write and record a new album of math fact jingles. There is a school curriculum company that has hired him to record an album based on their book… sort of a learn-by-singing kind of thing. I have no doubt it will be fun to listen to, math or not.

Kevin hasn’t changed much at all. Same old Kev. His son, Ethan (2 yr-old), is a chip off the old block. He gets that same twinkle is his eye just before he does something mischievous. His daughter, Elise (5 yr-old), is a beautiful young lady and sharp as a tack. Her mind is way ahead of her age. And Michelle looks as pretty as ever and is doing well. Kevin married above his pay grade. 🙂

I hope to see them more now that we’re closer to them. They brought back a lot of great memories. Time to add some stuff to the gravy, and Dallas starts playing in about 15 minutes. Merry Christmas everyone!

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