Just for fun he says, “Get a job.”

With apologies to Bruce Hornsby, I am back in the job market. I have resigned my position as Executive Director of Mission Health Care. Today’s board meeting resembled more of a lynching than anything else. I have never experienced the level of vehemence, animosity, underhanded behavior, and orchestrated attack as I did today in our board meeting.

Details aside, when it all shook out there were an even number of directors falling on each side. That is not good enough for me to continue. There is no way that I will put up with such behavior from a board and remain associated with the organization. I walk away with my integrity in place.

Of course, integrity won’t pay the bills. But God has a plan for me. I have never lacked what I needed. I know this will be the same. I just hope the clients at Mission are not overly effected by this. I have a feeling that, after my departure, there will be more turbulence. The former E.D. has taken her position back. So say a prayer for me and my family and for Mission Health Care. We all need it.

More info later…


  1. >You go girl! (or you know what I mean!)

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