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Onswipe & FlipboardI host my blog on WordPress.com and they have come up with a pretty cool plugin for the iPad. Onswipe is a new theme that automatically gives your blog an app-like appearance… but only when viewed from an iPad.

If you have an iPad and are reading this blog, then you know what I’m talking about. For those of you not yet into the tablet world, Onswipe presents your blog entries in a series of windows. Tap on a window and your post expands into a pop-up-like frame that shows the post with attractive formatting, including pictures, videos, or whatever you’ve embedded. It is somewhat like Flipboard for the iPad. But again, if you don’t have Flipbooard, then you don’t know what I mean.

Speaking of which, I highly encourage iPad owners to get Flipboard. It allows you to enter your social networks and specify your interests. It then creates a magazine-like presentation that you flip through. It does an amazing job of identifying what I want to see. I spend more time on Flipboard than most anything else on the iPad. Check it out.

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