Home is Where the Bus Is

That used to be one of our little pet phrases while on the road with Acappella… “home is where the bus is.” Our bus has made a stop in Midland. Lord willing, we can just park the stupid thing and be done with it.

I write this on Thanksgiving night. Everyone has gone to bed but me, and I’m not far away. The past few days have been some of the most physically stressful and emotionally challenging days I’ve had yet. I will cover the whole moving episode in another post. For tonight, I thought it appropriate to stop and give thanks to the good Lord for all He’s done. Especially all He’s done in the past few weeks.

I’m thankful that….

  • We made it to Midland in one piece, safe and sound.
  • Our dogs have not run away and seem to be adjusting well.
  • Our kids have not run away and seem to be adjusting well.
  • We had lots of people show up to help us load and get things finished up in Corpus so we could leave (more info later).
  • We had lots of people show up to help us unload here in Midland.
  • We had a wonderful greeting awaiting us when we arrived in the form of a massive care package specifically designed for each of our tastes. Thanks Praise Team!
  • Our house closed on time and we actually got a refund instead of having to pay cash.
  • Ashley had a chance to meet some wonderful people and make some very good desserts.
  • Nancy and April were available to drive our truck to Midland and stuck around for a few days for “vacation” (can you call helping us unpack vacation?).
  • Thanksgiving meal today was fabulous. 🙂

There’s much more to be thankful for and more stories to tell, but I am very tired. To all my friends in Corpus who are reading this, thank you for three great years. We will miss you all terribly. To all my new friends in Midland, thanks for the warm reception. I can’t wait to meet all of you.

All because of Christ…


  1. >Sounds like a whirlwind experience – these last few days.We are thankful for you and your family, Bro!

  2. >Happy Thanksgiving!It’s good to count our blessings, name them one by one.I’m thankful to hear that you’ve made it home to Midland:)God is good!Rhondawww.rhondacoleson.blogspot.com

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