He Gave Her Water

Recently, I had the opportunity to return to an annual spiritual retreat in Paris, TN. It is nearly impossible to explain what happens at the retreat. Suffice it to say that it is a mountaintop experience every year.

This year, we gathered together several old fogies to sing, calling ourselves Acappella Classic. It was me, Keith Lancaster, Rodney Britt, George Pendergrass and Steve Maxwell. At one point, we sang the old favorite “He Gave Her Water” with our friend Jerome Williams.

Every time we sing this song, Jerry Jones hops on stage and tries to sing the song with us. This time, we pulled the old trick “turn your back on the guest from the audience” that Acappella (His Image) used to do years ago.

It worked, until Jerry decided to take the lyrics of the song literally. In an attempt to get the microphone, He Gave Me Water. I suppose I’ve been sprinkled by the pope. A baptismal redeaux. Take a look.

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