God’s Canvas

The past few days have been a blur of spiritual activity. We’re not talking “Ghostbusters.” This is the Holy type. Kevin Riggs commented in an email I received today that “this has been like watching a picture that HE’S painting coming more and more complete.” Amen to that one, bro. The ultimate artist.

The list of coincidental timing issues and answered prayer has become almost humorous. Things keep happening and details keep falling together. And as usual, God has waited until the last moment to make it all happen at once so that I will have no trouble recognizing that He is the one doing it and not me.

We made an offer on a house in Midland yesterday. They’ve accepted. So unless something bad comes up in the 10-day inspection window, that’s a major hurdle out of the way. Anyone out there interested in buying our house in Corpus? Anyone? Bueller? Beuller?

If things continue to proceed on the path that’s appearing, we will be moving to Midland during the week of Thanksgiving and I will start full time duties at GCR on the 27th of this month… unless something goes hinky with the housing thing.

Things are speeding up quickly. God is really moving in an obvious way. We’ll see what happens before the next post…

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